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A single mom loving Jesus and surviving suburbia

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Day 9 – City Palms


Our small town takes some things very seriously. After historic preservation, I think trees are next. Our neighbor cut down a dead city tree with the intent of replacing it with the exact kind and with in 30 min citizens patrol was on our street taking pictures and calling the authorities.

Having said that, you are expected to trim, water, and care for any city tree that sits on edge of your property.

The first month I was on my own with the kids I was beyond broke. Our account started the month with $10 dollars. Seriously. Sure enough the iconic city palm in our SoCal front yard was in desperate need of a trim. If you are not familiar with palms they form bushels of pods that get heavier and heavier until they fall on your car or an unsuspecting passerby. Yikes. You have to trim them or they are actually dangerous. Knowing this tree guys circle the neighborhoods a couple times a year offering their services for a “small” fee of course. So I did it. I committed to the outrageous several hundred dollars and signed up for the following Tuesday. I waited all morning for the trimmers to arrive. Then all afternoon. Then into the evening. Nothing. Urgh.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of chain saws. The city was trimming all the palms on our street free of charge

I was in tears as I felt the tangible love of MY Savior covering every detail of my newly ravished life. He is so good. He cares so much. I could write a book with the stories of God’s provision, but the Palm will always remain my favorite. So simple so perfect.

I woke up this week to that sound again. 5 years later they are trimming the palms. I have paid to have them trimmed many times since this story and I love that God had them come again in October so I could share this story on my 31 Days in My Shoes. Feeling blessed today.

Where have you seen God provide in big ways? Small ways? He cares!!alison sig

Day 7 – Dubai

IMG_0313A bazillion years ago when I graduated college I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. Political Science and Economics will only get you so far. So, I took a job in public relations because I love people. I soon discovered that I hated PR. Miserable in my job I attended a young adults retreat with my church. There I met a girl a few years ahead of me in her career who was an interior designer. After talking to her I was inspired to pursue the dream of my heart and started training in design. Soon after I joined her company and was working on boutique hotels all over the nation.

It’s funny how one person or one retreat or one encounter can shift the path of your life. Over the years she has become one of my closest friends. She has seen me through the highest heights and cried along with me through the lowest lows.

She now resides in Dubai and travels the world making spaces beautiful, but she is home this week and today we got to hang out. Nothing major, shopping and lunch and some good old fashion face-to-face time. The time that Facebook and Instagram just can’t duplicate.

Feeling blessed tonight to have good friends near and far and for the joy of walking the journey with them.

alison sig

Day 6 – Stolen Moments


Mommy dates are hard to come by.  Once a month my Chic Fashionista has sewing class. We carpool with another family and this day the other mom agreed to watch the boys while I dropped off the girls. A 10 minute round-trip. As I dropped my girl I could tell she needed, well…something. I quickly told the teacher she would be right back and we headed around the corner for a large tea and a shaded bench. I almost missed this moment. But I didn’t. 😉

Every so often God works some surprise one-on-one time for me. A doctors waiting room, a mix up in scheduling, a playdate for the others….. stolen moments before sewing class.

Watching for the moments,

alison sig

Day 5 – Believe Walk


“I don’t want to get up.  I am not going. I want to do the Beautiful Run instead.” I had to laugh. These words spilled out of the mouth of my sweet baby who DOES NOT LIKE NEW THINGS. Today is the Believe Walk. Supporting survivors and remembering those affected by breast cancer. My littlest has been so excited to do it. To honor those we know. He slept last night in his pink head band and his clothes are laid out. But this morning the familiarity of last years Beautiful Run seems acceptable and this years Believe Walk overwhelming. I brace myself for the morning and I forget to pray. Forget to ask the God of the universe to step in. Urgh, why do I forget.

Meeting up with friends at the starting line calms the morning and we are off. Soon this little guy is stopping at every water stop to chat, stopping to listen to the Mariachi Band, the Harpist, the Barber Shop Quartet. (Yep it was an eclectic day in our small town) He stops to listen because he takes everything in and he truly cares to hear and see what people are offering of themselves. His excitement is intoxicating and he encourages everyone he meets.

My oldest is focused on the prize. He takes off and is finished before I am half way. He has mapped his time, hit a PR and is enjoying visiting with friends at the finish.

These two are so different in the way they take in life. Experience life. My first instinct is frustration that we all can’t do it the same. And then joy as I realize how intricately we are each made. As a mamma my judgmental, frustrated edges get daily chipped away as I sit back and enjoy the moment I am in with my kids.

Today’s moment is special.  My mom is a survivor and my kids and I walk with a friend whose family is currently in the battle. My kids don’t really get it. They don’t really understand why we walk, but we walk just the same. One day they will remember fighting for others in this small way. They will remember walking with the friends whose mom has come through all of this. They will remember.  Today I walk in the moment cherishing this time with my friend and our kids, taking in all our differences and enjoying the day.

Living Life,

alison sig

Day 4 – Game Day

IMG_0197Saturday is GAME DAY. From the time my littlest was 5 we have spent every Saturday out on the field. Soccer, Baseball, Football, Cheer we love it all.  There is something special about sportsmanship and team mates. I love the strong male leadership my kids get on and off the field. I love the encouragement my kids get and the cheers that stick with them through a long week. More than anything it is something special to look forward too every weekend. There have been so many ups and downs in our lives the last few years but one thing has stayed the same. Every Saturday my three and I know where we will be. Saturday is GAME DAY.

Day 3 – It’s Fun To Stay At The…..



Stealing a quick workout. Gym childcare is a single moms excercise life-saver. I dropped my olders at practice and headed straight to the gym. A quick stop to put my little guy in Kids Club and I was able to get in a good swim before racing back  to pick up the other two.

For a season I got little to no exercise. Finding time to workout is tough. The preferred times are, of course, early  morning or later evening. Both are no good with kids in tow. Enter gym childcare. Sadly, my young kids did not want to go and I had to resort to exercise videos before bed. Not surprisingly, exhaustion soon won out over Jillian Michaels.

In this season all 3 are in school and God has graciously provided a few moms who want to walk after morning drop off. (They walk faster than I can run!!) That coupled with a few mandatory trips to Kids Club I am able stay healthy.

I am struck by God’s ability to always find a way. Even for the little things.

How do you squeeze in a workout?

Day 2 – Waking Up To Mess

IMG_0118Yep, those are my slippers and yep, those are my dishes. I read a post once about how as moms we can only choose two of the following…

1. Clean House

2. Sanity

3. Happy Kids.

This last week a CLEAN HOUSE has had to go. At the end of the day I am often too tired to “re-set” the house, as my friend puts it.  So this am before getting the kids off to school and lunches made I need to clean. Yuck.

As I looked at my picture again, my heart filled with joy. Those dishes didn’t just appear. They came from living life and making memories. The bowls from the cookies my little guy was dying to make with his mamma. He finished his homework and got chores done so we could cook. He usually prefers to be the sous chef, but last night that title was passed to me and he lead the charge.

Those pans…well they are the remnant from a improptu  second dinner after football and cheer practice. A full breakfast with eggs and sausage and lively conversation.

Waking up to my messy kitchen was waking up to a reminder of all the joy that transpired the night before.

What messes in your life point to the joy your family is sharing?

Embrace the joy as you clean.

alison sig