IMG_0118Yep, those are my slippers and yep, those are my dishes. I read a post once about how as moms we can only choose two of the following…

1. Clean House

2. Sanity

3. Happy Kids.

This last week a CLEAN HOUSE has had to go. At the end of the day I am often too tired to “re-set” the house, as my friend puts it.  So this am before getting the kids off to school and lunches made I need to clean. Yuck.

As I looked at my picture again, my heart filled with joy. Those dishes didn’t just appear. They came from living life and making memories. The bowls from the cookies my little guy was dying to make with his mamma. He finished his homework and got chores done so we could cook. He usually prefers to be the sous chef, but last night that title was passed to me and he lead the charge.

Those pans…well they are the remnant from a improptu  second dinner after football and cheer practice. A full breakfast with eggs and sausage and lively conversation.

Waking up to my messy kitchen was waking up to a reminder of all the joy that transpired the night before.

What messes in your life point to the joy your family is sharing?

Embrace the joy as you clean.

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