Stealing a quick workout. Gym childcare is a single moms excercise life-saver. I dropped my olders at practice and headed straight to the gym. A quick stop to put my little guy in Kids Club and I was able to get in a good swim before racing back  to pick up the other two.

For a season I got little to no exercise. Finding time to workout is tough. The preferred times are, of course, early  morning or later evening. Both are no good with kids in tow. Enter gym childcare. Sadly, my young kids did not want to go and I had to resort to exercise videos before bed. Not surprisingly, exhaustion soon won out over Jillian Michaels.

In this season all 3 are in school and God has graciously provided a few moms who want to walk after morning drop off. (They walk faster than I can run!!) That coupled with a few mandatory trips to Kids Club I am able stay healthy.

I am struck by God’s ability to always find a way. Even for the little things.

How do you squeeze in a workout?