Our small town takes some things very seriously. After historic preservation, I think trees are next. Our neighbor cut down a dead city tree with the intent of replacing it with the exact kind and with in 30 min citizens patrol was on our street taking pictures and calling the authorities.

Having said that, you are expected to trim, water, and care for any city tree that sits on edge of your property.

The first month I was on my own with the kids I was beyond broke. Our account started the month with $10 dollars. Seriously. Sure enough the iconic city palm in our SoCal front yard was in desperate need of a trim. If you are not familiar with palms they form bushels of pods that get heavier and heavier until they fall on your car or an unsuspecting passerby. Yikes. You have to trim them or they are actually dangerous. Knowing this tree guys circle the neighborhoods a couple times a year offering their services for a “small” fee of course. So I did it. I committed to the outrageous several hundred dollars and signed up for the following Tuesday. I waited all morning for the trimmers to arrive. Then all afternoon. Then into the evening. Nothing. Urgh.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of chain saws. The city was trimming all the palms on our street free of charge

I was in tears as I felt the tangible love of MY Savior covering every detail of my newly ravished life. He is so good. He cares so much. I could write a book with the stories of God’s provision, but the Palm will always remain my favorite. So simple so perfect.

I woke up this week to that sound again. 5 years later they are trimming the palms. I have paid to have them trimmed many times since this story and I love that God had them come again in October so I could share this story on my 31 Days in My Shoes. Feeling blessed today.

Where have you seen God provide in big ways? Small ways? He cares!!alison sig