“I don’t want to get up.  I am not going. I want to do the Beautiful Run instead.” I had to laugh. These words spilled out of the mouth of my sweet baby who DOES NOT LIKE NEW THINGS. Today is the Believe Walk. Supporting survivors and remembering those affected by breast cancer. My littlest has been so excited to do it. To honor those we know. He slept last night in his pink head band and his clothes are laid out. But this morning the familiarity of last years Beautiful Run seems acceptable and this years Believe Walk overwhelming. I brace myself for the morning and I forget to pray. Forget to ask the God of the universe to step in. Urgh, why do I forget.

Meeting up with friends at the starting line calms the morning and we are off. Soon this little guy is stopping at every water stop to chat, stopping to listen to the Mariachi Band, the Harpist, the Barber Shop Quartet. (Yep it was an eclectic day in our small town) He stops to listen because he takes everything in and he truly cares to hear and see what people are offering of themselves. His excitement is intoxicating and he encourages everyone he meets.

My oldest is focused on the prize. He takes off and is finished before I am half way. He has mapped his time, hit a PR and is enjoying visiting with friends at the finish.

These two are so different in the way they take in life. Experience life. My first instinct is frustration that we all can’t do it the same. And then joy as I realize how intricately we are each made. As a mamma my judgmental, frustrated edges get daily chipped away as I sit back and enjoy the moment I am in with my kids.

Today’s moment is special.  My mom is a survivor and my kids and I walk with a friend whose family is currently in the battle. My kids don’t really get it. They don’t really understand why we walk, but we walk just the same. One day they will remember fighting for others in this small way. They will remember walking with the friends whose mom has come through all of this. They will remember.  Today I walk in the moment cherishing this time with my friend and our kids, taking in all our differences and enjoying the day.

Living Life,

alison sig