IMG_0407Wow, Beth Moore live with my sister.

When my sister and I were little my mom decided to stop our regular piano lessons and teach us herself. She says we asked for it, but…. For some reason it was much easier for me to listen to and hear criticism from someone other than my mother and I was soon back at the piano studio. I am so thankful for the years my mom made me take piano and the general understanding of music, tone and notes.

Beth Moore said many amazing things this weekend, but what stuck out most was…

Don’t bang on Middle C.

She was talking about harmony amongst believers. About our uniqueness in Christ. Her point was that if we are all banging middle C it will never sound as beautiful as a chord – several notes, each doing their thing, playing toward the same goal. It was an encouragement to agree on the end goal while still brining our own individual “me-ness” to each situation. I loved it. I am still processing it. I don’t need to look like everyone else, every other mother, friend or working. I am me. Playing my note!

What’s your note?

Processing on the journey,

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