IMG_0419Photo: My Welcome Mat


We have all seen the astronaut movies. You know the ones, man up in space, part malfunction, coffee drinking Huston ground crew scrabbling for solutions to bring the ship home. Then it happens they fix the problem, tighten the screw and the ship heads home.

But it’s NEVER over here. Now the ship must re-enter the atmosphere. They always loose radio contact. With bated breath (had to look up the spelling) we wait. Will they make it. The ship gets hot, fiery red, as it sears through the barrier from weightlessness to gravity and then….plummets to the sea below. Hurray! Right? But seriously, that was a rough ride.

I gotta be real here. My last post have been pretty great. Traveling to the beach, getting away, enjoying Beth Moore and re-living my conference last year. I am living it up. But man, coming back to my life after that short time away was, well….,  shocking.

As I opened my garage door I can hear the space theme music playing in the back ground “dum dum da dum dum”. And there it is. The pile of stuff to go to good will, the bikes half-parked, my storage stuffed clumsily around the edges. I walked into my kitchen and praise Jesus the sitter had cleaned the dishes. Oh my sweet house. Mostly clean, but the clothes I left on the floor were still right there. The trash and the recycling happily awaiting my return to be whisked away to the curb. My kids, my sweet kids, whom I missed so much, peppered me with kisses and questions and then right went right back into the ebb and flow of bliss and sibling rivalry. In the blink of an eye all of the responsibilities that fall squarly on me were right back on my shoulders.

Re-entry is hard. Whether a night away or an afternoon. I wish I could say that I handled it with grace and charm filled with joy. But, I didn’t. I let the kids play and I took a nap. Yep. It has taken me several days to process my response and recover. And you know what I have realized, I am normal. And my kids are normal and our house is normal. We are not perfect. Single parenting is hard, but as my sweet friend reminded me, God is providing strength enough for today.

Strength for the Adventure,

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